Perpetua had always thought how aptly named she was. For someone who was perpetually heartbroken, her name was very fitting, she mused. Here she was, a woman of 35, enjoying her latest bout of heartbreak. As a child, Perpetua had suffered from tonsilitis at least once, if not twice a year. Now, as an adult, she suffered some form of heartbreak at that same frequency. Yes, it was hard being named Perpetua, she concluded. That had to be the reason that none of her relationships ever worked.

Her latest heartbreaker was the dashing Tapuwa. They had “met” on Instagram. He always liked her pictures. Even the goofy ones. Of course lately her posts were a little more sultry. A little more deliberately attractive. She made sure her comments on his posts were either funny, cute or intelligent. Yes, she’d been drawn to Tapuwa’s mind. He always said the  most clever of things. Well thought out. Kind. She had started following him on Twitter and they had struck up quite the online friendship. She felt like she’d known him her whole life.

Needless to say, over the last few weeks, they had gotten a little bit closer. They texted back and forth all day long. They shared dreams and fantasies. Made plans for their future together. Although they were yet to meet, it was very much understood that they were “together” now. 

This morning like any other, she’d sent him a good morning text, with a blowy kiss emoji. That was at 6:30 this morning when she woke up. Now it was shortly after 1pm. And there had been no response from Tapuwa yet. 

Surely he was up. Surely he’d seen her well thought out, perfectly drafted and lovingly cute good morning message? Why would he not respond? Was he losing interest already? Surely not. She hadn’t yet done any of the things she did that tended to chase guys away. Or maybe she’d been too keen. Maybe that’s what had scared him off. 

Perpetua sighed. It was nice while it lasted. She’d had high hopes for Tapuwa. Thus far they’d had a romance of the mind. But there was so much more to come. Yes, their romance was going to be sweet and fun. But their love? That was a beautiful and wonderful story that was just beginning. She knew in her heart of hearts, they were at the beginning of something amazing! 

Perpetua sighed again. Still no word from Tapuwa. No text. No WhatsApp message. Nothing on Facebook or messenger. And yes, she had double checked them all. At this rate, she would have to work. Like, actually concentrate on her job. Well, she mused. It might go some way to taking her mind off  this romance that was slipping through her fingers. 

Just then, her phone rang. Her heart skipped a beat. It was Tapuwa. Not wanting to seem too keen, she let it ring for a few seconds before picking up. “Hello…” “Hi beautiful. I’m sorry my love, I’ve had the most hectic of mornings. How’s your day going my lovely.” 

Perpetua’s heart melted at the sound of his voice. She loved the sweet raspiness of it. And well, she just might possibly have been overreacting to a late response to a  text message. 



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