Opposition Politics

Since 1980, Zimbabwe has been ruled by ZANU PF under the leadership of Robert Mugabe. Whether you love him or hate him, the reality is Mugabe’s rule shall soon have to come to an end. Aged 93, his health is slowly failing. Constantly seen struggling with basic actions such as walking, or staying awake, it is clear that Mugabe does not have long to live. Nor does he have the stamina to continue to run a country.

Will Mugabe actually go through with running in 2018? Could he effectively run a country aged 94 till he is 98?

Which opposition parties will actually run in 2018? Will there be a coalition between Mujuru and Tsvangirai?

What about the younger generation? Will Acie Lumumba, Evan Mawarire or Fadzayi Mahere play a key part in the 2018 elections?


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